It’s Me Sandy

Hello, folks, I am Sandy The Beagle Dog. I was born on 20 Oct 2018 and since then I am the pawntastic trouble maker for my father. Everyone says I am cute but I believe I am naughty as well (Well, Beagles are well-known for it).

Our Story (Father, Me and Mom)

Well, my father gifted me to mom on her birthday ( That is so cute ) and since then I am getting all the love from them. (Woaafff!). They simply think about me and take care of me but it hardly bothers me (hahaha). Food is what makes me happy and trust me I can smell it at every corner of the home.

Meet My Father

He is the only one in the house who is the reason behind my fat :-/, I used to eat all the time and he brings me different dishes (Trust me they are so yummy, woaafff). He always wanted a beagle dog and I am lucky enough to be with him.

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