A passerby in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was shocked to see a little Husky dog flying down from the overhang of a third story building. The pup was intentionally thrown off the balcony by a cunning lady, which resulted in the death of the poor little husky puppy.

The Culprit Lady and the Poor Husky

A criminal complaint was made against the lady and the cops investigated the issue. The pup’s body was recovered from a close-by dumpster. A microchip check uncovered that the little dog had a place with a 28-year-elderly person named Ashley Scott. Witnesses guarantee that Ashley is the person who tossed the little dog.

The young doggie’s necropsy report anticipates for further activity. Ashley has no past criminal record. The lady was charged with cruelty charges to a creature and two counts of a battery as a detriment to a harmony official. We trust she gets the strictest discipline for her sickening act of murder.

Finally! The was arrested

The police have effectively figured out the case and capture Ashley for her ridiculous wrongdoing. She viciously kicked the officials who came to arrest her. Afterwards, she admitted to pushing her little dog to his demise and tossing his dead body in the dumpster.

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11 Replies to “A Puppy thrown from 3rd Floor dies after severe injuries”

  1. I couldn’t watch the video, it hurts to much.. how would you want to watch a puppy pushed off 3 stories to its death? NOT ME put that women in jail

      1. Throw her off a higher balcony. Make the proportions of the throw even to her body weight/ as to what the puppy’s weight was. That cruel woman needs to get what she fished out

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